Re: additional questions around dvswitch

JJ Cummings

I run three instances of md380-emu and then also a hardware AMBE chip on a single raspi 3 without issue.. each instance is a single transcode channel pair.

On Fri, May 10, 2019 at 4:34 AM Heiko DL1BZ <dg2dra@...> wrote:

For a bigger project around digital voice in Germany and put them all together my part was the implementation of P25. All worked like a charm, here ist what I done:

                                                        |<-----> md380-emu<---->|               RPT & HS access area 1 <->|<-> OpenBridge between 2 hblink3_1 and hblink3_2
                                                                                                RPT & HS access area 2 <->|<->ysf2dmr<->YSFreflector_2

The decision for transcoding was because I need YSF-N and DMR <->P25 at the same time. All works great and stable, no problems at the moment. I think I understand the whole concept and the configuration behind dvswitch.
Now my additional questions. How much "channels" can be used at the same time with the md380-emu ? Only one combination of 2 modes for one instance of md380-emu or is it possible to do more ? (I mean 2x2 analog_bridges). Or I need more instances of the md380-emu with different ports for this ? I'm not sure yet.


73 Heiko, DL1BZ

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