Status update and welcome.

Steve N4IRS

It's been a few weeks and things seem to be going well. Mike and I are taking a break from DMR and D-Star for a few weeks. We feel we just want to "let it breath, like good wine" for a little while to see if any bugs shake out. We we go back we will squash those bugs and start merging back into the master repositories for DMRlink and HBlink. We also added the ability to build a analog <---> D-Star bridge or a DMR <---> D-Star bridge with modifications to DummyRepeater from G4KLX.  Please post your questions and problems. We  plan to work on the installers and hope to make things easier for people to install and update Analog_Bridge, DMRlink and HBlink.

We are up to 64 members of the forum. If you are new or have not done it yet, PLEAS add you first name and callsign to your account. It makes it so much nicer when we know who everybody is.

73, Steve N4IRS

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