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Hey all – the code for HBMonitor is not great. I use GitHub to sync it between my own computers. I am not a programmer; I program because I need to create a tool for the job. HBMonitor is a tool, even if a very crude one and as such is posted, but not advertised. The statement of unsupported work is just that, unsupported. I am not “unwilling,” but I have learned that with HBlink and DMRlink being my priorities, I have to let something go. They are the more important work and I don’t have time to make HBmonitor good, and advance them too. HBmonitor is fragile, but as it is, it does the job I need it to do. Whether it can do the job you need it to do is likely questionable. Feel free to work the code and pilot a new solution. 

The spirit of ham radio, the way I operate, is to be on the lookout for tools and innovation and to create when necessary. I make tools and I take tools, but when I take tools from others the responsibility for implementing them becomes mine alone because I am using that tool for a specific reason, in a specific environment.  Ham radio is a community that I contribute to as I have time and ideas, it is not my job. By all means my code is available and if there is a way to improve it, therein lies the real spirit of ham radio – people looking out for others and making changes and additions and upgrades as fits their own need and ability. 

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Sorry guys maybe I missed something in the past, but WHY is there such an unwillingness to help others with HBMonitor. I understand it is "Unsupported work" but wtf??
Might be a better idea to remove it from github. Why would you make it avaiiable if you don't want to offer help?

Seems like the spirit of the ham community is lost here.


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