HBLink project - I'd like to thank

SP2ONG Waldek

I would like to thank everyone who is developing a great HBLink project and other tools. After a few days of reading various descriptions and  DVSwitch.groups.io I started local Master Server HBLink to which are connected hotspots and repeater based on mmdvm. It wasn't an easy task, but now as I know more seems to be easy :-). I realize that I didn't know all possibilities but I wanted to show in my country this project and what potential gives the possibility e.g. for emergency communication EmCom where we don't have Internet connection and thanks to HBLink we can build radio network on 2.3/5.7 GHz HamNET and have run local Master server HBLink.

I would like to show local hamaradio operators also the possibility to use USRP Analog_Bridge+md380emu + MMDVM_Bridge to build a simple "IP DV radio" based on Raspberry PI + microphone or DVSwitch Mobile. Currently, I have small problems with using DVSwitch Mobile where I have very poor quality audio and DMR ID source problem which looks random but maybe I will be able to solve this problem in time.

I made a small description in the Polish language for local users, I hope the local hamaradio operators will take advantage of that.

73 Waldek SP2ONG

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