Heiko DL1BZ

I need to say - with my environments (raspian@Pi and debian 64bit on a server) the hbmonitor runs.
For help others here's my running from hbmonitor:

REPORT_NAME     = 'Oberlausitz-Link DMR-OL'
CONFIG_INC      = True                  # Include HBlink stats
BRIDGES_INC     = True                  # Include Bridge stats (
HBLINK_IP      = ''            # HBlink's IP Address
HBLINK_PORT    = 4321                   # HBlink's TCP reporting socket, check config from hblink3 for correct port setup
FREQUENCY       = 10                    # Frequency to push updates to web clients
WEB_SERVER_PORT = 8088                  # Has to be above 1024 if you're not running as root
CLIENT_TIMEOUT  = 0                     # Clients are timed out after this many seconds, 0 to disable

# Files and stuff for loading alias files for mapping numbers to names
PATH            = './'                          # MUST END IN '/'
PEER_FILE       = 'peer_ids.json'               # Will auto-download from DMR-MARC
SUBSCRIBER_FILE = 'subscriber_ids.json'         # Will auto-download from DMR-MARC
TGID_FILE       = ''                            # User provided, should be in "integer TGID, TGID name" format
LOCAL_SUB_FILE  = ''                            # User provided (optional, leave '' if you don't use it), follow the format of DMR-MARC
LOCAL_PEER_FILE = ''                            # User provided (optional, leave '' if you don't use it), follow the format of DMR-MARC
FILE_RELOAD     = 1                             # Number of days before we reload DMR-MARC database files
PEER_URL        = ''

# Settings for log files
LOG_PATH        = '/var/log/dv/'                # MUST END IN '/'
LOG_NAME        = 'webtablesOL.log'

For a correct install I do the following as root:
$ mkdir /srv --> only if not exists
$ cd /srv
$ git clone hbmonitor
$ cd hbmonitor
$ pip2 install -r requirements.txt --upgrade

Edit the as above.
Run the hbmonitor:

$ python2 ./

With correct environments (python2 and the needed modules from the requirements.txt in hbmonitors folder) it should be run. I do this more than one time on different systems - in all cases it has been worked.
But I need to say the following: Two or three weeks ago there was possibly a problem with the databases from . As result my hbmonitor don't start. I checked some variants with the result - if I don't use the entries from US, the hbmonitor came back correctly. Now Cort has changed the json to the static thing - it works, checked today. Folks, it is possible if such database has problematic entries they cannot parsed correctly, a program like hbmonitor will be have problems and don't start as result. That's possible. My solution was in this case to change this in


That was my solution the hbmonitor bringing back for running. It was basicly not a problem with hbmonitor itself. For other linux distributions as debian I cannot say something, I only work with this - and there all worked fine.

73 Heiko, DL1BZ

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