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Hi Mayfuse, 
As Steve said you need to set up an allstar node. 

To do this you first need to apply for a node number from allstar link. once you have that you need to create a server on the allstar link page and then associate your node number to that server. 

As this is your first node don't change the iax port that is suggested on the server setup page.  make a note of the iax port node number and node password.

to build the node you will need a raspberry pi, a SD card and an allstar image. Get the allstar image from and follow the instructions on the download page. you will need win23disk imager to write the  image to the SD card. a link to this is on the download page.

Once the image is on the SD card  plug the raspberry pi into a monitor and add a keyboard an mouse. 

Follow the setup instructions. you can ignore the usb audio config as your not plugging in a radio. if you only have a Wi-Fi connection you can go back and configure the wi-fi once the wizard has finished.

I would advise you download a program called WinSCP. this will let you edit the config files more easily.  

To configure the raspberry pi to accept connections from DV switch go to

You will ned to edit iax.conf and extensions.conf. everything in [iaxclient] goes in the iax.conf file. Add it to the bottom of the file. in extensions.conf you will see NODE=1999. change 1999 for your node number. next scroll to the bottom of extensions.conf and add everything under [iax-client]. save both of these files and restart.

to configure DV Switch enter the following. 

in accounts
host name - ip address of your raspberry pi. 
port - your iax port number
username - 
password - this is whaterver you set "secret" to in iax.conf
caller - ID your callsign
caller number leave blank
node - your node number

put a tick in autoload node

codec type - server selected.

in config if you want to user the up volume key for a ptt button enter the code 24. I you have the free version this wont save but the full app only costs $1.87

It is a great app that does work. I would suggest also reading through the wiki


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