Re: “Blocked” from a hotspot?


There is a min tx time in the pistar software under the advanced/dmr if you look for it and know it is the problem.

But I would advise against adjusting parameters from the default unless you clearly know better.

2 or 3 wireless connections (if it's on wireless) and you can have errors from the packet collisions.

Many other network things can create a issue like that and give the appearance of short keying.

On 5/27/2019 1:06 PM, Chris WB4ULK via Groups.Io wrote:
I got a call from a friend last night. He said his buddy was getting the “Blocked” message.
The thing is, the guy is on a hotspot.
You guys ever heard of THAT? 
Is there a delay you can set in PiStar?

I told him it might be his internet connection dropping in and out tripping it, but I have no idea.

Any thoughts?


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