Various DmrLink/HBlink questions.


I Have Been running HBlink3(x2),DMR_Bridge and DMRlink.

I have them all running in separate docker ubuntu lockers.
(Hot Spots MMDVM)----<HBlink3>-----------<Hblink3>-----------<DMR_Bridge>---------------<DMRlink>---------------(moto xpr8300)
                                                                                                                                                                                       \--------------------(moto xpr8400)    
I'm running to separate versions of HBlink3 to be able to switch the TG from the hot spots from TG2 to TG1 for everything else.

Question 1, Is it normal to have to do it this way, run each instants in a separate machine/container. It seams like reading the info and the forums that the programs should be able to run on one machine.

Question 2, The moto xpr8300 connects just fine and worked no issues. The moto xpr8400 connects but i get an error
Unknown Message - Type:f0 From:"Repeater number" Packet: f0002fbe1600000000

Any ideas?
Are there better ways of implementing this kind of setup? 

Thanks in advance


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