Re: BrandMeister to XLX

Steve KC1AWV

My most recent notes on BM to XLX:
  1. Take out DMRGateway, it's not needed.
  2. Two MMDVM_Bridges will be needed, just be sure not to use the same ports on each instance.
  3. Make sure the XLX server only sees DMR IDs that are 7 digits.
I haven't had a chance to try this setup again after Steve N4IRS recompiled MB. I've been using HBlink3 instead, testing that since BM admins have made mention previously that OpenBridge is preferred when using HBlink3.

I think BM is still supporting direct links from BM to XLX, though the admins are very busy and may not get to the helpdesk ticket right away.

Steve KC1AWV

On Wed, Jun 5, 2019 at 8:27 AM <raymond.strickoff@...> wrote:
I tried setting up one of these last night but ran into that same problem.  It seems like XLX doesn't like the data being delivered by the DMRGateway_BM service.  When looking at the logs on XLX, the stream comes in and it goes into TX for just a second then XLX drops the call.  The BM user's call sign shows up on the XLX dashboard, so I guess some of the data is what XLX is expecting.  Has anyone been able to get this setup working?


Steve Miller

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