DVSwitch programs

Steve N4IRS

Now that Hamvention is over and we have had a chance to digest the comments and discussions about the DVSwitch programs. To be clear I mean Analog_Bridge, MMDVM_Bridge and Mobile.
Over the next 6 months we are going to implement a feature freeze on all of the programs. During this period we will be fixing the bugs we know about and any that show up. We  will also work on documentation and howto documents. We want to put some polish on the DVSwitch family.

Along with the bug fixes we will publish a list of "enhancements" we want to add to each programs. The idea here is to put together a coherent list of what should be in the next revision of each of the programs. By creating a list BEFORE the work starts, we hope to streamline the work needed.

For all of the above to happen we need your help. Once we publish the basic list, we welcome comments on the features we missed. This is not to say every idea will be implemented. As I tell teams that have worked for me in the past, "Bring your ideas to the table, and be prepared to defend them"  If you can write documentation, PLEASE do so. We need content for the wiki. It can be a FAQ, a howto, a detailed writeup. If you already have written up something, please publish it on the Wiki. Having info all over the web does no one any good when we have a good place to right here to point people to. All authors will be acknowledged and their work will remain their property.

I expect some other changes coming. All designed to make it easier for people to use the DVSwitch programs.

73, Steve and Mike

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