Re: Setting up a YSFn <--> ASL bridge

Steve N4IRS

Yes, assuming you have the emulator running. You can use the ASL <-> DMR writeup for info. Or you can use your working ASL <-> DMR bridge as a template.

On 6/10/19 8:12 PM, Tom Corcoran wrote:

Steve N4irs

to be clear … is this the change to enable vocoder?

; General vocoder setup information
decoderFallBack = true  ;false                 ; Allow software AMBE decoding if a hardware decoder is not found
useEmulator = true      ;false                     ; Use the MD380 AMBE emulator for AMBE72 (DMR/YSFN/NXDN)
emulatorAddress =        ; IP address and port of the server


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