Re: Setting up a YSFn <--> ASL bridge


Hello. Here is a working copy of my config file for node 48270. This has a private node for ASL<>YSFReflector.

[System Fusion]

[System Fusion Network]

I use a separate instance of MD380EMU due to the fact the original one (the one that runs on port 2470) is being used by DMR, so... on analog bridge for YSF...

; General vocoder setup information
decoderFallBack = true                  ; Allow software AMBE decoding if a hardware decoder is not found
useEmulator = true                      ; Use the MD380 AMBE emulator for AMBE72 (DMR/YSFN/NXDN)
emulatorAddress =        ; IP address and port of the server

; Information for xx_Bridges (Where xx is MMDVM, HB, IPSC)
server =                      ; IP address of
fromDMRPort = 35100                     ; AMBE frames from xx_Bridge (should match "toGatewayPort" in xx_Bridge.cfg)
toDMRPort = 35103                       ; AMBE frames from xx_Bridge (should match "fromGatewayPort" in xx_Bridge.cfg)
ambeMode = YSFN                         ; DMR, DMR_IPSC, DSTAR, NXDN, P25, YSFN, YSFW
minTxTimeMS = 3000                      ; Minimum time in MS for hang delay
gatewayDmrId = 7040002                  ; ID to use when transmitting from Analog_Bridge
repeaterID = 704000230                  ; ID of source repeater
txTg = XXXXX                            ; TG to use for all frames received from Analog_Bridge -> xx_Bridge
txTs = 2                                ; Slot to use for frames received from Analog_Bridge -> xx_Bridge
colorCode = 1                           ; Color Code to assign DMR frames

These audio levels have been giving me good results:
server =                      ; IP address of Allstar/Asterisk
toASLPort = 32003                       ; Analog_Bridge <-- ASL
fromASLPort = 34003                     ; Analog_Bridge --> ASL
aslAudio = AUDIO_USE_GAIN                  ; Audio to ASL (AUDIO_UNITY, AUDIO_USE_AGC, AUDIO_USE_GAIN)
agcGain = 3                           ; Gain (in db) of the AGC filter
dmrAudio = AUDIO_USE_GAIN                  ; Audio from ASL (AUDIO_UNITY, AUDIO_USE_GAIN, AUDIO_BPF)
dmrGain = 0.5                          ; Gain factor of audio from ASL (0.0-1.0)

Hope this helps. You would need to create a service file in order to use the MD380EMU on a different port as not to interfere with your existing DMR outlet(port 2470). Just copy the values of the md380emu.service located in /lib/systemd/system/ and rename it for YSF use, and change the port value to another one like 2471, then enable and start the service. Also I understand you have set up an private extension for this service, on my example above I use ports 32003 and 34003 for such use.


José Roberto Ruíz García Salas

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