Re: DVSwitch on Centos

Steve KC1AWV

According to the errors you're receiving, youve got a major issue in the underlying operating system. In order for the package manager, yum, to operate properly, it needs a valid list of sites that have the packages you wish to install on your system. This list differs between versions, and system architectures. Since yum does not have a valid list of mirrors in mirrorlist.txt, it will never be able to download any of the prerequisites in order to run DVSwitch correctly.

You have two options that I can see right now, and both of them are at the OS level.

1. Fix the issue with yum. Get a good copy of a mirror list for your version and architecture. Check that running yum on other packages works properly.

2. Reinstall a fresh copy of CentOS on the server.

The directions I typed up are for a fresh, working copy of CentOS 7. All of my directions I bring to the group are based on the assumption that the reader has a working knowledge of Linux, and how to administer it. How or why your install is working without a functional package manager is beyond me. If I came across anything like that before installing programs I wanted on the server, I'd wipe it and reinstall.

At this point, we're getting into support of an operating system, which is beyond the scope of the DVSwitch mailing list. Once you've got the problems worked out with CentOS and can install packages through yum, either by fixing yum or reinstalling CentOS, try running through my directions again 

I apologise if this message comes across harshly. I kind of relate what's going on here so far like trying to put gas into a car with no gas pump. Sure, you could use paper cups to scoop it up and pour it in, but wouldn't it be easier to fix the gas pump in the first place?

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Steve KC1AWV  just checking back in. Any guidance? Thanks 


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