Bug fix and other changes.

Steve N4IRS

Over the last few days, Cort identified a bug when OpenSpot was communicating with HBlink / HB_Bridge. Mike created a fix that has been tested and looks like it solves the issue. I have uploaded the change to the dmr_utils repository.
I suggest people do a git pull on the dmr_utils repository and then run the install.sh script. Please report here any issues you encounter. We would rather not have to chase down people experiencing a problem without reporting it to us.

Cort has decided a simplification of the repositories are in order. We will be moving some of the older, unused or superseded applications into a separate directories. This should alleviate some of the confusion new users are experiencing.
We will be making some changes in HBlink to better align it with the structure of DMRlink. In simple terms, reducing the number of small sub applications (my term) required to bring up a HBlink application. As we move forward there will be a effort to create a more unified environment.

Mike and I spoke about the issue that require people to use DMRGateway as a "shim" between HB_Bridge and XLX. We think this can be resolved with a pull request to the XLX repository. Stay tuned.

73, Steve N4IRSĀ 

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