Re: Starting MMDVM_Bridge #mmdvm_bridge

Steve N4IRS

Depending on where you installed MMDVM_Bridge you should see the executable and the .ini file. If you don't you can not run ./MMDVM_Bridge. The ./ tells Linux, run the program named MMDVM_Bridge in the current directory.

Steve N4IRS

On 6/18/2019 1:00 PM, Dexter Harroo wrote:
Hello Guys,
I try my best to follow instructions and adhere to protocols, but i need your assistance as I have come to a brick wall, I used the Git clone method to get the MMDVM_Bridge package, i followed the the examples for configuring MMDVM_Bridge,ini and DVSwitch.ini, when its time to run the program I use "./MMDVM_Bridge MMDVM_Bridge.ini" but i get an error, please see below for the error

root@depifactory:/opt# ./MMDVM_Bridge MMDVM_Bridge.ini
bash: ./MMDVM_Bridge: Is a directory

Can someone assist me with this issue, i dont know what I am doing wrong

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