Re: Starting MMDVM_Bridge #mmdvm_bridge

JJ Cummings

the error "bash: ./MMDVM_Bridge: Is a directory" should be a good clue.  This tells you that you are trying to run a directory as an application.  So you need to go into the actual directory where the binary MMDVM_Bridge exists and run it from there, or supply the full path to the binary and to the ini file...

Or, if the binary is in your PATH somewhere you don't need the ./ (this is the most likely case) but will need to provide the full path to the ini unless it's in your CWD...


On Tue, Jun 18, 2019 at 11:00 AM Dexter Harroo <dex.9y4c@...> wrote:
Hello Guys,
I try my best to follow instructions and adhere to protocols, but i need your assistance as I have come to a brick wall, I used the Git clone method to get the MMDVM_Bridge package, i followed the the examples for configuring MMDVM_Bridge,ini and DVSwitch.ini, when its time to run the program I use "./MMDVM_Bridge MMDVM_Bridge.ini" but i get an error, please see below for the error

root@depifactory:/opt# ./MMDVM_Bridge MMDVM_Bridge.ini
bash: ./MMDVM_Bridge: Is a directory

Can someone assist me with this issue, i dont know what I am doing wrong

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