Re: MMDVM_Bridge

Steve KC1AWV

That's what MB is supposed to do... it's just a bridge. Data in on one side goes out the other side. If timers and whatnot are involved, you need to configure the servers / clients on either side of the bridge.

Steve KC1AWV

On Wed, Jun 19, 2019 at 12:26 PM Nick Robinson <robinson.nick@...> wrote:
Have been playing with linking one of our cBridge talkgroups to YSF through our IPSC2 server and YSF2DMR, and have gotten it to work

Now I want to try MMDVM_Bridge instead, and can set it up all the same more or less but I can't set DMR+ options in MMDVM_Bridge.ini like I can in YSF2DMR.ini

With YSF2DMR I can set my DMR+ options, which activates the talkgroup I want in the IPSC2 Matrix, with MMDVM_Bridge everything starts and runs fine, but without being able to specify that talkgroup, audio doesn't get routed to unless someone keys up on the YSF side and activates the dynamic timer, I need to be able to set it as 'static' so networked DMR traffic will be sent ....I hope this makes sense

Any ideas?

Steve Miller

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