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Steve N4IRS

When I transmit on I see myself on TG 969 on the TGIF dashboard. I have to admit it's somewhat of a surprise since last I heard I was banned from TGIF. I can not listen to the audio but I do at least see the traffic from YSF to DMR.

Steve N4IRSĀ 

On 6/19/2019 12:37 PM, Dexter Harroo wrote:
Ok Guys, I have MMDVM_Bridge running, "Successfully connected to Master" the thing is when I transmit from YSF or DMR there seem to be no audio streams passing through, again i seek your assistance in resolving this issue. i have attached copies of my MMDVM_Bridge.ini and DVSwitch.ini files.

thanks as per usual

On Wed, Jun 19, 2019 at 10:26 AM Heiko DL1BZ <dg2dra@...> wrote:
An address with value of 0 in this case means binding to *all* available network devices. An address of can be never work to "outside" - only on the same system for internal communication - also if no real network device like network card exists.
That's basic knowledge of tcp/ip networking :)

73 Heiko, DL1BZ

Dexter Harroo

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