Re: DVMega AMBE3000

Matthew 2E0SIP

Hi All,

After a chat with Guus, I *think* I can confirm that the DVMega AMBE 3000 will work with Analog_Bridge.

By default it's configured to operate in CODEC mode, so a PKT_RESETSOFTCFG command must be issued to cause it to ignore the hardware pin configuration.

After a bit of trial and error, the "magic number" is '61 00 06 00 34 05 00 00 0F 00 00'. This forces it into packet mode over the UART interface, with DTXEN switched off. I've attached the output from my modified version of to this message for you to take a look at. 1000/1000 packets were decoded.

I've forked the repo and included my change to here - , please could someone test with a ThumbDV if possible? In theory it only forces UART PACKET mode with DTX disabled, so it shouldn't cause any problems. 

Cheers all!



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