Re: setting up MMDVM_Bridge and Analog_Bridge #mmdvm_bridge #analog_bridge


Hi Steve,

On my XLX server I have the following all able to run without errors:
I have a DVstick-33 with uses AMBE3003 plugged in my server and transcoding XRF DSTAR > XLX DMR & XLX DMR > XRF DSTAR 
I am trying to set up a TGIF Network TG, and to do this, I understand that Analog_Bridge is required. One Analog_Bridge_DStar.ini and One Analog_Bridge_DMR.ini.
Neither of these ini are able to run as both Analog_Bridges are referencing DV3000. My device is DVstick-33.

I know the baudrate and the ttyUSB port the DVstick -33 is on, I put this info into both .ini files and [DVstick-33] as the header, yet the program is still referencing DV3000.
Which I think is hard written into the program.

Is there away for Analog_Bridge program to work with this DVstick-33 using the AMBE3003?

I had a quick look inside the program and only saw reference to DV3000. 


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