Analog_Bridge and local voice services #analog_bridge

SP2ONG Waldek


I really like the potential of Ananlog_bridge.

I would like to launch an information service locale using the restored information in wav files.

On the ananlog we can use DTMF to start playing different information. In the case of DMR, only on the basis of the target ID number, we can run, for example, a macro.

Would it be possible for Steve to get Ananlog_Bridge if he receives data from the DMR network eg in the field dst = for example it will be 940 (dst = 940) then AB will execute the macro defined as 940?

Suppose that TG900 is for voice services

Makro 910 (current weather report):

# change to TG900
tune 900
# playing the wav fileĀ  900.wav via a script

Makro 920 (local newsletter):

tune 900


Would this require changes in Ananlog_Bridge but a separate version?

What do you think about such an idea?

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