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Steve N4IRS

Greetings to all old and new members.
 September has been a quiet month for Cort, Mike and me. I think we have all been taking a break after a rush of activity last month. I also had the pleasure of a uninvited guest, Irma. That being said, things are starting to heat up again. We have started cleaning up the repositories and retiring some of the older, little used programs. These programs are not going away. We are just moving them into a separate directory. Feel free to use and or edit them to taste.

 DMRlink including IPSC_Bridge has proven to be very stable in production. From the volume of my e-mail, I can say there are quite a few Conference Bridges in production. They are running on everything from a RPi to a VM in a data center. If you are building a network where most of the devices and networks are IPSC based (Motorola), DMRlink and confbridge are the tools you need. If your network is based on HB protocol (MMDVM) HBlink and  hb_confbridge will give you the ability to build your network "your way" IPSC_Bridge, HB_Bridge and Analog_Bridge will allow you to add connectivity to other network types. With these tools you can add a MMDVM repeater or HotSpot to your IPSC network. You can add a Motorola repeater to your MMDVM network. Analog_Bridge will give you a connection to an analog network or repeater. Both AllStarLink and EchoLink are supported.

 IPSC_Bridge, HB_Bridge and Analog_Bridge are referred to as Partners. There are a few other programs that can be used to connect. For example, you want to add a D-Star connection to your DMR network. We have added the ability to import and export PCM audio (analog) to and from DummyRepeater by G4KLX. Partner this with Analog_Bridge and you have a way to connect to D-Star. There is at least 1 other AMBE based network Partner in the proof of concept stage. Stay tuned.

 As we add more Partners, we are getting close to the need for a method of connecting multiple (more then 2) partners together. Yes, with a little drawing on a napkin, you can figure out how to do this now. We think it's time to start fleshing out DVSwitch. As the name suggests, accept connections from multiple Partners and provide a way to control the paths. Now is the time for your input. Please understand, this will take time and planning. We do not want to go down a path and find out though it works, it's a dead end. Let's hear your ideas. If you can code, preferably in Python we can use your help. There are quite a few things that can still be done to the existing programs. You help would be welcome.

I 'm make my usual plea. PLEASE change your display name on the forum to include your call sign. It make it SO much easier to identify (no pun intended) who we are talking to. Al the more important as we get close to 100 members. (95 as of today)

For Cort, N0MJS, Mike, N4IRR and me,

73, Steve N4IRS

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