DSTAR to DMR, getting started

Patrick Perdue

Hello all:

I have been tasked with creating a cross-link between an XLX reflector for DSTAR and a Brandmeister DMR talk group.

I have installed XLXD, ircDdbgateway and DVSwitch on a VPS. Ambed with two vocoders is running on a Debian machine at my house, verified connected to XLXD.

As I understand it, the route should look like this:

D-Star <---> ircddbgateway <---> MMDVM_Bridge <---. Analog_Bridge <---> Analog_Bridge <---> MMDVM_Bridge <---> DMR

I have all these tools installed. I'm just looking for a basic outline on how to configure the two instances of MMDVM_Bridge and Analog_Bridge for this type of link. For that matter, I'm not sure if I have configured ircDdbgateway correctly, using a configuration template and ircDdbgatewayd, but I suppose that's technically out of the scope of this group.

I found a guide for bridging P25 to DMR, but haven't come across a good resource for doing the same between DSTAR and DMR.

I hate to be that guy that re-invents the wheel, but I'm just looking for a good starting-point.

Thanks for any help.




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