Re: DSTAR to DMR, getting started

Steve KC1AWV

You need to open a helpdesk ticket with Brandmeister support. You have to give them the requested information, like TG, Module, IP Address and such.

Be patient, my interlink request is still waiting for approval since February.

Steve KC1AWV

On Fri, Jul 12, 2019 at 4:14 PM Patrick Perdue <patrick@...> wrote:

I'm trying to figure out how this works... Does this require someone at Brandmeister to configure an interlink once the XLX reflector is up and running? The page found here isn't particularly clear about this, at least to me.

Meanwhile, I have successfully gotten MMDVM_Bridge connected to Brandmeister, though I have yet to configure a static talk group on the Brandmeister dashboard for the "hotspot."
That should get DMR audio to DSTAR, but how does audio go the other way?

On 7/12/2019 2:40 PM, Ernest Pratt wrote:
XlX will connect directly to a TG on BM or IPSC2 via interlink.

Steve Miller

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