Re: BM to XLX via MMDVM_Bridge - Doc version 2.0

Doug - W4DBG

If you have an XLX Reflector that has Transcoder Hardware just ask Brandmeister for an Interlink. 

On Fri, Jul 12, 2019 at 11:36 PM Patrick Perdue <patrick@...> wrote:
I'm a bit confused here.
I have set up XLXD for DSTAR, and I want to bridge this to a Brandmeister talk group. I tried doing this just with ambed, XLXD and MMDVM_Bridge with a static Brandmeister talk group set up in the dashboard. I saw activity from MMDVM_Bridge show up on the console from the talk group, but it never made it to the reflector. I think I broke something there. Then I found this guide. However, DMRGateway doesn't seem to be in DVSwitch anymore, unless I'm missing something obvious, which is entirely possible. I found a post from November 2018 stating that DMRGateway no longer exists, yet the first draft of this doc was written in February 2019.
So, what exactly is the state of DMRGateway?

Doug Gooden

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