Re: new inquiry about the hb link program

Doug - W4DBG


Look at HB Link as a "Virtual Repeater" meaning you have one access point with two slots.

So one group could be on time slot 1 on talk group 100 and another group could be on slot 2 on talk group 200 and both work through the system at the same time.

Keep in mind, each user (especially on Slot1) needs a device like their hotspot or repeater to be capable of using both slots for this scenario to work.

So, in theory, your idea will work with HBLink... You have to make sure everyone has the proper equipment.

Another option is setting up more than one Master and then you can do other things but I think for what you are trying to do the above scenario would work.

I hope that makes sense.



On Mon, Jul 15, 2019 at 9:33 AM Kenneth Son <lovebigred55@...> wrote:
I am wanting to set up a small dmr network for just a few friends and myself and want to use the hblink program on a remote server. Eventually there will be about 10 people logging into this with hotspots. I don't know much about HBlink but I was told it was a mini dmr bridge so I understand that just like other dmr networks, my HBlink can have several users and small groups can use different talkgroups at the same time. Some time later I heard from a different source that only one talkgroup could be active at one time on HBlink. I don't know whitch to believe. In the end, I am looking for a software package that hotspots can connect to and have more than one talkgroup being used at the same time. If hb link is used I would use it as a stand alone server and I would not be linking to other networks. It would be just a private place for myself and other friends to do testing and play dmr. Thank you for any help I can get. Pardin the bad spelling I am on a schedule and I am typing in a hurry. Kenneth kk4ql.

Doug Gooden

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