Re: How many instances of MMDVM_Bridge, Analog_Bridge and md380-emu can work on the same machine at the same time?

Steve N4IRS

Good to hear. 6 instance can be hard to keep track of port numbers since they are used everywhere. 25 is going to be that much worse but you now know what can happen and how to troubleshoot.

73, Steve N4IRS

On 7/17/2019 10:13 AM, EA5GVK Joaquin wrote:
Steve good afternoon.
Solved, many thanks for the orientation with the netstat -unap as root.
I was crossing ports and in some cases duplicating them in the different Analog_Bridge.ini and dmr.ini so sometimes it worked on tx and not on rx.
Thank you.
Running for now with 6 instances perfectly.
I'll try out at the radio club until I get to 25 instances, to see how it works and I report results.
Thank you very much for the great work and time. Of course for the magnificent support.

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