Re: Current status DMRlink, HBlink DVSwitch

Cort N0MJS <n0mjs@...>

I am strongly opposed to single-entity control of networking as it has always been with DMR... because we end up with disparate “networks” fighting over who’s better than the other.

I started DMRlink almost 4.5 years ago with the goal of building tools and knowledge for networking, but not to “build a network”.

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On Sep 29, 2017, at 2:55 PM, Matthew 2E0SIP <> wrote:

Welcome back guys, thanks for your continued efforts.

Out of curiosity, what's the end goal for DVSwitch? Is it intended as a small scale tool for bridging modes and networks, or is the end goal for it to function as a standalone network itself, with 'nodes' distributed globally? 





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