HBLink Testing

Steve N4IRS

I have setup a small Conference Bridge on reflector.dvswitch.org using HBlink for testing and demonstration of various features of HBlink, DMRlink and DVSwitch. I will expand the features as time (and programs) progress.
To start, I have HBlink listening for MMDVM connections on port 62031 with a password of passw0rd with the following bridges and applications.
TS2/TG3167 Bridged to BrandMeister TS2/TG3167
TS2/TG9990 is a parrot. What it hears, is what you get.
TS1/TG9999 Is a demo of the ability to send canned voice messages to a DMR user. "The time is..." (I have more work to do on this)

I will be adding connections to IPSC networks and allow connections from IPSC clients.  

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