Re: Help Needed Allstar Node running DVSwitch with DMR and Echolink Bridge Adding P25

Steve N4IRS

You have both AB and MB listening on 34103

On 7/28/19 10:09 AM, jeff@... wrote:

root@DMR_Bridge:/opt/MMDVM_Bridge# ps ax | grep MMDVM_Bridge
  475 ?        Ssl    0:09 /opt/MMDVM_Bridge/MMDVM_Bridge /opt/MMDVM_Bridge/MMDVM_Bridge.ini
 1007 pts/4    S+     0:00 grep MMDVM_Bridge

/opt/MMDVM_Bridge/MMDVM_Bridge.ini should be the Allstar-DMR side, the P25 should be running out of /etc/ ??

UDP ports, in which ini ? Analog_Bridge ?

This information is from the /etc/Analog_Bridge_P25.ini file

; Information for xx_Bridge (Where xx is MMDVM, Quantar, HB, IPSC)
address =                     ; IP address of xx_Bridge
txPort = 34100                          ; Transmit TLV frames to partner on this port
rxPort = 34103                          ; Listen for TLV frames from partner on this port
ambeMode = P25                          ; DMR, DMR_IPSC, DSTAR, NXDN, P25, YSFN, YSFW (encode PCM to this format)
minTxTimeMS = 2500                      ; Minimum time in MS for hang delay (0-10000)

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