Re: NXDN Reflector

Jeff - WA3PNY

Hi Michael,

It is usually a directory permission error:

You might want to use:
ls -l
To see who owns the directory & permissions for the directory you are trying to write your log files.

I have routinely chown mmdvm:mmdvm filespec
and chmod 755 or something reasonable, and the error goes away. Hope this helps.


Jeffrey V. Bauer
6381 Mulberry Ln.
Macungie, PA 18062
CCS-7 3142263
NXDN 504
Wires-X 18394/28394

On Jul 28, 2019, at 3:14 PM, Michael KD5DFB <mhebert1975@...> wrote:

I am having problems trying to run NXDN Reflector. When I try to run it I keep getting the error "unable to open the log file"

In the ini file I have the following:

# Logging levels, 0=No logging
FilePath= .

I can only get it to run with FileLevel=0
I have also changed Daemon=0

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