Re: RF to RF bridge

Steve KC1AWV

If I am reading this right, I think what Neil is describing is a way for a DMR radio to talk with a Fusion radio, without needing to go to a reflector or other network. It's an interesting thought experiment, and here's what I think.

Pi-Star to Pi-Star, probably not. Pi-Star is designed from the ground up to talk to existing networks, and from what I've seen there's no 'easy' way of making two Pi-Star hotspots talk to each other in that fashion. Even going from mode to mode on Pi-Star (say, DMR radio to a YSF reflector) uses the MMDVM_CM tools, if I recall correctly.

Openspot has a hotspot-to-hotspot mode, but I believe it's limited to only passing same-mode traffic, like DMR to DMR. Having not done this myself, this is limited to speculation.

If you've got two Pi-Star hotspots already, you could have both of them connect to a central 'server' locally, running something like HBlink3. Connect one as a DMR hotspot to the HBlink master and the other hotspot as a DMR2YSF hotspot to the HBlink master. Kind of like this:

Pi-Star (DMR) <-> HBlink3 Master (Local) <-> Pi-Star (DMR2YSF)

This kind of setup I would consider an 'advanced' configuration, but I think it could work.

Going back on what Steve N4IRS said, where are you experiencing up to an 8 second delay on the Internet? Unless you're using dial-up or you're on the furthest reaches of a DSL line, I can't say I've seen latency that high in a long time.

Steve KC1AWV

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