Re: RF to RF bridge

Neil k8it

Can you please send me your contact information off list to 
I have lots of questions and are willing to call you to decuss.
73 Neil k8it

On Jul 30, 2019, at 6:25 PM, Ernest Pratt <erniepratt@...> wrote:

I run a Dmr repeater and   Wires-x Gateway from my location.
its possible for me to talk back and forth without going out on the internet.
I have also P25, NXDN  and Teamspeak Connected.
Most of the work can be done on one Pc running Debian but  I have several Pc's PI's etc.
Use  XLX  as your Dmr repeater.
A GM340 radio with MMDVM Board to XLX to Openspot.
There are  lots of different options.
Via Internet I have Zello, Peanut ,Dmr and Wiresx.

I use dvswitch  to go from ysf to P25., and Dmr to Dmr.
Never had an 8 second delay going out on the internet. A couple of seconds is about normal.

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