Re: NOOB Setup-Configuration Help #dmrlink #analog_bridge

Chris K7AZ

Hi Ernest,
I tried the PW you suggested but only results in 100% failure.

As for the IP address, is the BM 3103 master server and pings every time.

One thing of interest, since putting the PW back to passw0rd, I no longer get the reoccurring timeout error and retries...  

Maybe Murphy left the building?

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From: Ernest Pratt <erniepratt@...>
Date: 7/30/19 22:43 (GMT-08:00)
Subject: Re: [DVSwitch] NOOB Setup-Configuration Help #dmrlink #analog_bridge

Looks like you are trying to log into BM Dashboard.
Put in the correct IP for whatever BM server you want to connect to.
Also password should be passw1rd

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