Jackhammer Sound

Jeff Lehman, N8ACL

HI all,

I just did an install of another bridge and I am getting this weird sound. Background....

I am building a DMR<--> ASL bridge on a VM. I have one system on one VM and the Bridge on another. I am using USRP to connect from the main ASL system to the VM/Bridge. I have done this before with a YSF reflector, using USRP to connect to AB on a second VM with the YSF reflector running on it with MB.

I have AB and MB on the bridge VM and have USRP connected properly. When I key up I can see the traffic flow in the right directions.

Problem is, I get this jackhammer, almost grinding sound when I key up from Either end. If i key from ASL, I have the grinding on DMR. Same thing if I key from the radio going to ASL.

This has happened before in the past and I was able to reload the system from a snapshot and the problem went away. My gut says it's something maybe with md380-emu?


Jeff, N8ACL

Jeff Lehman, N8ACL
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