Help with DMRlink -> Analog_Bridge TG filter

Andrew Koenig

First, this stuff is awesome. Thanks to Steve, Mike, Cort, and everybody else involved with this project. I'm amazed at the capabilities, and I think I've barely scratched the surface.

The question: how can I filter traffic received from a C-Bridge such that only a specific talkgroup gets decoded and sent to the USRP channel driver?

rx/USRP <-> Analog_Bridge (w/ md380-emu) <-> DMRlink/ <-> C-Bridge as Peer

When someone keys up on any talkgroup allowed in the particular C-Bridge connection, DMRlink/IPSC_Bridge picks up the traffic and sends it to Analog_Bridge, where it gets decoded and sent to the analog nodes. The C-Bridge connection has like 8 talkgroups piped to it, as it supports XPR8300's and 8400's at local sites. I was asked to use an already existing connection to avoid additional cost.

Is there a way to have Analog_Bridge filter the talkgroups such that only txTg is decoded and passed to Allstar? Is this better accomplished in

73 de KE5GDB

Andrew Koenig

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