Re: Use AMBE3000 USB for Dstar with analog_bridge and dvswitch mobile and drop audio

Steve N4IRS

Yes it does, but the question still stands, if you have the DV3000 available why not use it since md-380 is good but DV3000 is better. Unless you disagree about the quality.

On 8/6/19 5:47 PM, EA5GVK Joaquin wrote:
You are right. But how the md380 emulator works very well for dmr nxdn and YSFN

El mar., 6 ago. 2019 23:18, Steve N4IRS <szingman@...> escribió:
Mike and I were talking about the fact that you said you use the DV3000 ONLY for D-Star. We are wondering, if you already have a DV3000 plugged in, why not use it for D-Star, DMR, YSFn and NXDN? It is the best vocoder to use for all of those modes.

73, Steve N4IRS

On 8/5/19 3:48 PM, EA5GVK Joaquin wrote:
Now perfect. Many thanks. Resolved.
The hardware is a USB DVSTICK30

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