Re: New Set Up MMDVM to IPSC

Steve N4IRS

Based on your post it's a pretty simple config. It will look like this:
MMDVM <---> HB_Bridge <---> IPSC_Bridge <---> XPR8300

HB_Bridge (HBlink) will be a Server for MMDVM
IPSC_Bridge (DMRlink) will be a Peer for your XPR8300.

HB_Bridge is a HBlink application. you will configure hblink.cfg to create the Server.
IPSC_Bridge is a DMRlink application. you will configure dmrlink.cfg to create the Peer.

Start in the forground, you should see the MMDVM login.
Start in the foreground, you should see it login to your Master

Stop both programs

You will now configure HB_Bridge.cfg and IPSC_Bridge.cfg to talk to each other.

Start HB_Bridge in the foreground (it will run for you) Watch MMDVM login
Start IPSC_Bridge (it will run for you) Watch it login to your master.

You should now see any traffic from MMDVM "flow" to your XPR8300 Master.

Hope this helps,

73, Steve N4IRS

On 10/10/2017 11:13 PM, stevecast2024@... wrote:
Hello All,

If I am wrong in asking this here please feel free to blast me or point me to the correct location. I have read the readme as well as the CFG files but I may be missing a key piece of information that will make this all click for me.

I have an XPR8300 that I would like to run as an IPSC master. This replaced a Kenwood TKR-850 when I switched the site over to DMR. I was going to purchase a second XPR8300 or 8400 for a new site that I am hoping to add but I have also been in the process of adding MMDVM to the Kenwood repeater. I would like to configure the Kenwood with MMDVM to act as a peer to the XPR8300 master. Can I simply connect MMDVM to DMRLINK and configure DMRLINK as a peer to connect to XPR8300 IPSC? Would I have to connect to HBLINK first, and then connect to DMRLINK? Right now I want to link just these 2 repeaters without going to BM or any other network. A basic IPSC Master with one Peer setup.

Thank You Much... You are all a huge asset to the community!

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