Re: NOOB Setup-Configuration Help #dmrlink #analog_bridge

Steve N4IRS

Follow up to The issues Chris was having.
As I suspected and questioned, he had another copy of MMDVM_Bridge running. In this case, the problem showed up when a second copy of MMDVM_Bridge was executed in the foreground, the first and second copies would both try to login to BrandMeister. There is nothing wrong with 2 copies of MMDVM_Bridge running, the problem is 2 copies trying to use the same UDP ports.

These Linux commands are necessary for anyone working wit any of the DVSwitch programs.

ps -ax #show running processes
netstat -unap #show what programs are listening on what UDP ports.

Both programs need to be run as root. (sudo)

Changing the well known port and password to connect to a DMR Master, editing LAT and Long are a waste of time. I believe all BM Masters publish their login info. MOST of the time, this type of error is because you have a second copy of MB, already logged into the Master

73, Steve N4IRS

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