Setting up a remote base to DMR

Vince Vielhaber

I want to set up a remote base on HF that I can access via my DMR hotspot. I have ASL asterisk installed and partially configured and I have Analog-Bridge installed (but not yet configured). The remote base is a dumb one, even tho it's capable, it won't be changing freq or anything else. This is mainly for the evening rag-chew when I'm away and eventually I'd like to add a small TG for a few friends to connect to.

I think what I need is:

Remote Base <--> ASL <--> Analog_Br <--> ? <--> DMR Hotspot

As for the ? in the above, is that going to be HBLink3?

This will NOT be connected to BM or any other public network.

Also, do I need to register for an ASL node if I'm not planning on connecting to their network?

My background: Retired after 30 years as a C/C++ programmer, been running Asterisk as a phone system for many years.


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