Re: Setting up a remote base to DMR

Vince Vielhaber

The reason for the hotspot is when I'm away I can use it tethered to my fone or find an internet connection and use my DMR handheld to connect to the remote base.

I don't know what DVSwitch Mobile is. I thought I went thru all of the parts of DVSwitch, must have missed that one, or it didn't appear to apply to what I'm trying to do

On 08/12/2019 05:38 PM, Steve KC1AWV wrote:
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Is there a specific need for the DMR hotspot? If you're using ASL
already, you could use DVSwitch Mobile direct to ASL and not have to
worry about converting to DMR.

Remote Base <-> ASL <-> DVSwitch Mobile

If you still wanted to go to DMR, you could do this:

Remote <-> ASL <-> Analog_Bridge <-> MMDVM_Bridge <-> hblink3 <-> Hotspot

You still need to have some sort of master server for the hotspot to log
into, hence the hblink3. You can run hblink3 on the same host as
Analog_Bridge and MMDVM_Bridge. You could even use hblink3 locally on a
PiStar hotspot, but that's some advanced configuration that would need
more research for me to understand it.

Oh, and I forgot to answer your other question. /Also, do I need to
register for an ASL node if I'm not planning on connecting to their

No, and I believe the ASL image startup script allows you to set up a
private node, though I haven't done this myself.

Steve KC1AWV

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