YSFReflector bridged to DMR - No callsign on YSF clients #mmdvm_bridge

Andrew Lynch

I have successfully set up a YSFReflector, and linked to a TGIF DMR talkgroup. Audio passes between the two, and the DMR ID lookup based on the MYCALL in a given Yaesu radio is working (DMR side sees the proper DMR ID of the YSF user). However, I can't seem to get callsigns to display on the Yaesu radio. I am using a Pi-Star-powered hotspot (3.14.7 I think), and the Callsigns appear on both the OLED display and on the dashboard. That leads me to think it's my hotspot not sending it along with the voice. But, I don't remember this actually working anywhere on YSF. This is my first sysop experience with YSF - I've mostly just participated on DMR, but wanted to have the option of YSF as well.

Is this expected behavior (callsign doesn't make it to the radio) or am I missing a config somewhere? I don't have a second hotspot (...yet) that I can test (have 2 YSF clients on the YSFReflector) and haven't found a guinea pig yet.


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