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SP2ONG Waldek

I am looking for some detailed description, tutorial on example IP adres/ DMR ID, example TG BM etc,  on how to configure DMRLink / IPSC_bridge / HB_Bridge / HBlink3 with repeater Motorola DR3000 drive connection which currently has a connection to Brandmesiter and we would like to connect it to the HBLink network as a backup network while maintaining connection with Brandmeister

We are pleased with the operation of local networks based on HBLink and because we have converters also Motorola, we want to connect them to this local network.

I must define MASTER for which will be connected our local repeater DR3000 and and PEER link to BM ? it DMRLink will be work simmilar like DMRGateway for MMDVM ? It wille be useful looking on examples config files for each program dmrlink.cfg etc

73 Waldek

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