Re: MMDVM_Bridge and Analog_Bridge log file name and timezone changes possible?

David Ranch

Hey Steve,

Thanks for the logrotate formula though I already put something similar in place.

Analog_Bridge will allow you to logrotate. I'm pretty sure it will start a new log, so you will not need the postrotate.

Ok, Is there any harm in leaving in the postrotate?

Mike and I will talk about MMDVM_Bridge.

Ok.. thanks!  Please don't forget to discuss the timezone thing too!


Hello Everyone,

I would like to use Linux's logrotate tool to rotate out and compress the various DV Switch but the MMDVM system names it's log files differently from everything else:

   MMDVM_Bridge-2019-08-24.log  <--- uses a date scheme and auto-rotates

   Analog_Bridge.log <--- Uses one standard log name and never rotates

   asterisk/messages <--- Uses one standard log name and never rotates

I'm trying to figure out how I can get MMDVM to just create names like "MMDVM_Bridge" and not auto-rotate them.  Is that possible?   I would also like the MMDVM and Analog_Bridge logs to use localtime just like how the Asterisk/messages timestamps work.   I've looked at various documentation for these items including:

but I'm striking out.  Can anyone tell me if these changes are possible w/o recompiling the code?


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