Re: Smartphone apps

Steve N4IRS

Analog_Bridge will accept TG/TS commands externally (on the fly) See in the scripts directory. " 3112173 311246 31123 2 1"
The Android app I posted the link to is a IAX client.


On 10/17/2017 1:28 PM, Matthew 2E0SIP wrote:
Hi Bob,
With a combination of IPSC_Bridge, Analog_Bridge,  Allstar Asterisk, and an AMBE chip you can connect a SIP client to a single DMR talk group, however changing talkgroup on the fly would require some additional code. 
You'd also be limited to one talkgroup per AMBE chip. However several SIP  users could connect to the same TG. 
I *intend* to make a Web based client for Allstar Asterisk, which could be ported over as an app with some assistance, but it's a little way down my list of projects. 
I hope that helps

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