Re: Jackhammer Sound

Steve N4IRS

I have to start this message by stating that I have never heard the "jack hammer" on my DVSM node. Mike says he got it once but he is not sure what caused it. We do have some ideas and we are discussing possible remedies. We think md380-emu gets confused and until the emulator is restarted the noise will continue.

With this in mind, rather then rebooting the entire node, which tells us nothing, just restart the emulator. The nature of the UDP connection from AB allows this. I can suggest two methods to restart the emulator:
1: systemctl restart md380-emu from the command line.
2: add a macro to AB.ini in the [MACRO] stanza
5678 = systemctl restart md380.emu

With the second option, when you hear the "jack hammer" send *5678 from DVSM.

Please let us know the result. When reporting please let us know the mode (DMR, YSF, NXDN...) and where the  "jack hammer" is heard.

Steve N4IRS

On 9/9/19 4:08 PM, Chris K7AZ via Groups.Io wrote:
Problem cleared after several reboots and verification the emulator was enabled.    Was about to reload from last good snapshot but it just started working for no good reasons.   Doing a COP 4 command was used to verify tone on TG.  

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does this mean that you disabled the md380-emu emulator or did issue disappear with emulator turned on?


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