Re: Can I bulild an offline dmr server?

Ben Fogt

This might not be the best place for the following response, but you can quickly and easily spin up an XLX server, and use the "DMR gateway" feature in pi-star to connect to it. The pi-star devices just need their host files updated to reflect the IP of the XLX server. This is the quickest and easiest way to spin up a private DMR server, i think.

On Sat, Sep 7, 2019 at 7:07 PM playexata <ayhantar21@...> wrote:
We have a system was builedĀ  with internet but our internet provider go for a system renewal now we need to work with out internet for 3-5 months. we want to use our dmr radios (which is connected to mmdvm hotsposts) to comminicite. Currently we haveĀ  a server runs in office and long range wifi antenas all around mountains.

Questation : Can I build an offline dmr server? which has talk groups or at least some sorth of groups in to the server ?

Ben Fogt

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