Re: DMR to Analog Bridge PTT assert quirk

Steve N4IRS

Hey David,
"It showed the Allstar, the MMDVM, and the Analog_bridge output."
"Btw.. there is no Allstar here"

So, which is it?

From your first message:
*CLI> [Sep 14 12:25:16] NOTICE[5335]: app_rpt.c:19522 rpt: **** rx key
[Sep 14 12:25:16] NOTICE[5335]: app_rpt.c:17370 cos_state_machine: **** cos_state_machine: COS_SM_CLEAR, event=COS_ACTIVE, new state = COS_SM_ACTIVE, return_cos_value=2
[Sep 14 12:25:16] NOTICE[5335]: app_rpt.c:19532 rpt: **** rx key
[Sep 14 12:25:16] NOTICE[5333]: app_rpt.c:3502 __mklinklist: Last = 1999, K

If this is not ASL, what is it?

Yes, I know it's Asterisk and app_rpt

Without seeing the output from AB I don't see the data flow. From the AB systemd unit:
This is the location of the AB log file.

On 9/14/19 6:55 PM, David Ranch wrote:

Hey Steve,

What I want to see is a snip from each log when receiving inbound traffic from DMR. The idea would be to see the start of transmission received on MB, the same signal passed to AB and finally to ASL.

That's what my first email showed.  It showed the Allstar, the MMDVM, and the Analog_bridge output.   Btw.. there is no Allstar here.. it's just going to Analog_Bridge as the audio will go to an analog repeater controller.


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