Re: Image for Raspberry pi3 with Debian 10 Buster with DVSWICTH SERVER, HBLINK3 AND HBMONITOR.

EA5GVK Joaquin

Sorry for the technical problems of my accommodation in MegaUpload.
Here you have the new link:!34gllSqA!H9IIXrLOA0bfdxy1gzUJ2-SNsOQ7TpZ8VVChrqZyqxk

I also put the download link in .img format, to record it with Win32DiskImage .:!yx5nSQ4S!lQ_m5vxfPvhPBtYXUuTqFiWvwZYkukzVdHpC9KqFWkc

The next version will be Bilingual English and Spanish.

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