Re: Image for Raspberry pi3 with Debian 10 Buster with DVSWICTH SERVER, HBLINK3 AND HBMONITOR.


Thanks Alberto for the link

I'm sitting up the Pi 4 for a weekend install, I'll also be running a DV3000u vocoder and possible a  6 channel vocoder on the pi  4 if there are no power issues ..Hoping 5v 10amp power supply will be enough.

Has anyone ran DVSwitch , HBLink , HB Monitor and a vocoder all on the same pi?
 I'd be interested in hearing about any issues .


On Tue, Sep 24, 2019, 12:28 PM Alberto, KP4AP <alberto_e_puig@...> wrote:
Hi Richard..I have Joaquin image working on a Pi 4B 4GB. Some pictures are posted on this facebook group: 

Alberto KP4AP 73'

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